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Fruition Seeds Free Webinar Series: Sowing & Growing

This is a free series of hour-long webinars on how to grow & cultivate a variety of vegetables, herbs, and flowers.

Floret Flowers FREE Cut Flower Garden Mini Course

Permaculture Course

This is a free yearlong course offered by the Permaculture Women's Guild.

Think Resilience Course

This is a free course from Post Carbon Institute on how to build resilience in your community. 


Building Your Permaculture Property Podcast

Our Biggest Mistakes in Permaculture

The Reindeer Chronicles and Other Inspiring Stories of Working With Nature to Heal the Earth

Water for Every Farm with Mark Shepard

The Resilient Farm and Homestead with Ben Falk 

The Permaculture Podcast

The Soil Food Web

Creating. a Miraculous Abundance

Starting a Small Scale Farm

David Holmgren's Design Journey Part 2

David Holmgren's Design Journey Part 1


Social Permaculture: Raising Up Resilience with Martin Ping

Creating a Regenerative Supply Chain 

The Soil Food Web with Jeff Lowenfels

Reducing Food Waste: An Introduction to Bokashi

Building a Better World In Your Backyard

The Regenerative Skills Podcast (formerly Abundant Edge podcast)

Cutting edge soil science for ideal plant health

How to make and analyse high quality compost

How to make rich microbialy active compost in record time

The definitive guide to worm farming

Regenerating the biology of your soil

How to create an edible ecosystem

The Joy and Liberation of Growing Food in your own Home with Claire Ratinon

The Link Between Regenerative Farming and Longevity with Jennifer Maynard

Regenerative Agriculture Podcast

Rebuilding Rural Economies with Ancient Grain and Regenerative Practices

Resilient Agriculture Models For the Future with Joel Salatin

Take Charge of Your Farm with Jay Hill


Brooklyn Botanic Garden's Guide to Composting

CCE Tompkins Worm Composting Resources

January Garden Checklist for Zones 4-5


A Year of Living Locally by

Food Not Lawns by Heather Jo Flores

Community Resilience Reader by Post Carbon Institute

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