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What Gardeners Do In Winter: Start a Garden Club!

Many people think that winter and gardening have nothing to do with each other. How wrong is that?

On the contrary, winter is when we do the thinking and planning work for the garden.

First, we think about what worked and did not last year. Do we need to move things around? How can we keep watering more effectively? Was our soil balanced, or do we need to amend it? Do we want to plant the same things? What can we plant that is different and fun? (And tasty?!)

As we move toward spring, we think about actually planting seeds - and that’s where we are now. We have planting stands with grow lights and heat mats ready to go, with potting soil and seeds also at hand.

We start on Tuesday February 16, at 3:30 - the first meeting of our Lodi Garden Club. With Covid concerns, we would ask that you send us an email if you plan to come

( ) so that we plan out our space for adequate distancing.

This will be a regular Tuesday event, so put it on your calendar and come if you can!

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