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Vermicompost Update

Our worms are doing well! We started our vermicompost project with help from Kristin Moore from Seneca Meadows Education Center, who donated our first vermicompost unit in late summer.

We have been feeding the worms regularly, a mixed diet of shredded cardboard, finely ground eggshells, bananas and peels, apples, avocados, coffee grounds and filters, lettuce, (especially the lettuce that is beginning to rot), and more.

We know they don’t like onions, garlic, and citrus, so we have avoided those. We must be doing something right, because just before the end of the year, they were ready to divide into a new unit.

As we start the Garden Club, we will be learning how to best use the castings to dress up our garden with our “free” fertilizer, without overdoing it.

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